Utbildning i Härdplast och allergiframkallande produkter PL

Utbildning i Härdplast och allergiframkallande produkter PL

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Training in working with Curing plastics & allergenic products

This training aims to give participants knowledge of laws and regulations for handling and working with thermosetting plastics. Participants will also gain increased knowledge of chemical health risks, thermosetting and thermosetting components and medical health risks in thermosetting work.

The course is aimed at people who lead or are actively employed in working with allergy-causing chemical products. After completing the course, the participants should have acquired the knowledge needed to work with hard plastic with good safety. The education meets the requirements for theoretical education in accordance with AFS 2014: 43, Chemical Work Environment Risks, § 37a-g.

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the training is to provide knowledge about the legal requirements set in the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation on thermosetting plastics (AFS 2005: 18). Provide increased awareness of the risks that can occur when working with thermosetting components and how these can be prevented. AFS 2005: 18 is penalized.

Target group The course is aimed at those who handle or manage work with thermosetting plastics or need to have knowledge of thermosets.

  • Construction industry for sealing and painting
  • Electrical and electronics industry for cable insulation
  • The paint industry for lacquers
  • Foundry industry for cores
  • Graphic industry for inks
  • The motor industry for repair paintwork, insulation and grid installation
  • French and nail technology

Course content:

  • Work environment law and related legislation
  • Curing resins and allergenic substances
  • Review of AFS 2014: 43, §37 a-g.
  • Risk assessment when working with chemical products
  • Classification and labeling
  • Toxicology and chemical health risks
  • precautions

Documentation - educational certificate & certificate

After completing the course in Härdplast, participants receive a certificate.

From January 2015, an educational certificate is valid for 5 years.

Previous knowledge

No other prerequisites are required.


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