Utbildning i Buller EN

Utbildning i Buller EN

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Noise's impact on both people and the environment is a topical issue, partly because of the increased housing construction. But also because many rules and laws have recently changed. During this training, you will learn the latest about what the law and the Work Environment Authority say about noise, and what measures you can take to reduce noise.

Target group

Managers, work environment managers and employees concerned. No matter what industry you work in, you may be exposed to various types of noise and many are not aware of the risks.


  • The risks of being exposed to noise
  • Noise AFS 2005: 16.
  • Measures taken or will be taken to remove or mitigate the risks.
  • Input and limit values ​​that apply in accordance with the regulations.
  • Risk assessments and measurements as well as a description of what they mean and possible risks.
  • Protective gear
  • Detect and report signs of hearing damage.
  • Right to hearing examinations and the purpose of these.
  • Good work procedures to reduce the noise workers are exposed to.
  • Laws, regulations and regulations.
  • Obligations of the employer & employee.
  • Examinations


That you as a participant should have a good insight into the noise rules and understand how they are applied.

Documentation - diploma / certificate

After completing the training, the participant receives a certificate


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